Joseph Allen Kuhn

Joseph Allen Kuhn

October 3, 1958 - July 20, 2014

Joseph Allen Kuhn, M.D. was an extraordinary man, and no words, images or means of communication could ever express the depth of his greatness. Despite this common sentiment, we nevertheless attempt to pay tribute to an eminent man.  As a skilled surgeon, Dr. Kuhn was frequently called upon by Mary Crowley to surgically remove the most difficult tumors from cancer patients. His soft demeanor instantly put patients at ease, and during their recovery phase they experienced the highest level of medical attention, gentleness and humility, for which he gave all the credit to God as the ultimate healer.  Joe, as he was called by many, was no different with his colleagues.  All knew him as a devoted family man, a brilliant scientist of great curiosity, a surgeon committed to innovating surgical techniques for cancer patients, a man of strong Christian faith, and a faithful friend and confidant.

His contribution as a surgical oncologist, clinical trial Investigator, and key member of the Strategic Development team at Mary Crowley created a lasting legacy. Dr. Kuhn’s creative patient care through surgical, medical oncology, and clinical research technologies made a significant impact toward advancing new treatment.  A strong advocate for patients, he faithfully served on the Mary Crowley Institutional Review Board for many years. Through his years of scientific research, he was most proud of work completed with his two daughters that challenged Darwinism in hopes that some would ultimately recognize a Creator of all things wonderful.

Dr. Kuhn completed medical school at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas; surgical residency at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas; and a surgical oncology fellowship at the City of Hope in Duarte, California. He was a board-certified oncological surgeon and an esteemed member of the medical staff at Baylor University Hospital and Medical City Dallas.  

Mary Crowley Trustee Dr. Charles Brunicardi, Vice-chairman of Surgery at UCLA Medical School said it well, 

“Dr. Kuhn was a great surgeon and the finest of gentlemen. It was an honor to call him a colleague and friend. He will be missed.”

He made a difference.

Celebrating 20 Years