Terry Cockerham

Terry Cockerham

A quick glance at Mary Crowley’s website reveals images of smiling patients and staff. Many of those photos have been taken by one photographer – Terry Cockerham. Since 2010, Terry has graciously volunteered his photography skills to capture portraits of Mary Crowley patients, physicians and staff. He has snapped hundreds of pro bono images, and he generously donates prints as well.

Terry’s friendly, easy going charm immediately puts his subjects at ease.  Everyone feels special during one of Terry’s photo shoots especially the patients. He says, “It is a privilege to meet these courageous patients and perhaps be able to capture the inner strength shone on their faces.” He frequently makes himself available at a moment’s notice in order to accommodate the busy schedules of our patients and staff.

Terry first became interested in photography when he was serving in the military in Europe. He taught himself all aspects of photography, including film processing and printing. Photography allowed Terry to combine his interest in science and math with his eye for art. He launched his career as a commercial photographer and has worked as a photojournalist, photography teacher and freelance photographer. For many years he worked as the staff photographer at Medical City Dallas Hospital.  Terry’s first trip to Big Bend National Park in 2002 ignited his passion for fine art photography. Ever since then, he has traveled to Far West Texas at least once a year to photograph the rugged landscapes of the region, and he has been awarded numerous prizes for his excellent work.

Mary Crowley honors Terry Cockerham for his invaluable contribution to Mary Crowley Cancer Research.

He continues to make a difference.

Celebrating 20 Years