Patients Drive our Need

Forty percent of our budget depends on donations from individuals and private foundations.  With the help of generous donors, we have served more than 6,000 patients and opened over 600 early phase clinical trials.  We say “Hope Lives Here,” but it also lives in the hearts of those who support us.

“The spirit of giving is like fire. It spreads faster and faster, once we let it catch on. But we must each do our part, and as scripture says, ‘God will open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings until there is no more need.'”

Mary C. Crowley

Patient Services

Patient care is a driving force of Mary Crowley Cancer Research. Providing excellent resources and support services is a critical component to our patient-centric approach.

Patient Navigation Program

The Patient Navigation Program provides one-on-one assistance and helps address issues and concerns patients may face when receiving treatment.  Some of the specific services include:

  • Coordinating physician appointments
  • Helping with lodging and travel needs
  • Obtaining patient medical records
  • Expediting appointments and tests
  • Coordinating with social services and other community resources
  • Providing education, support and monitoring patient outcomes
  • Contacting patients during high-stress points of their treatment

In short, the Navigator provides clinical, emotional, and practical support so patients can focus on healing.  

Blessing Others Benevolence Program

The Benevolence Program provides eligible trial participants with financial assistance if they suffer financial hardship due to their cancer diagnosis. These expenses include:

  • Travel
  • Lodging
  • Doctor co-pay visits
  • Prescription medication
  • CT scans and PET scans
  • Other uninsured medical expenses which can create obstacles for patients with financial needs

Without philanthropic support, these disadvantaged patients would not be able to participate in clinical trials.

Innovative Clinical Trials Program

Our Innovative Clinical Trial Program is the core of what we do at Mary Crowley.  Funding is needed to open new innovative clinical trials for waiting patients.  Patients on our clinical trials have access to the newest drugs well before they are available for the global population. No drug would ever be widely available to patients without early phase clinical trials, which are essential in moving science forward to impact patients.

Successfully implementing a Phase 1 trial at Mary Crowley takes time, resources, and funding to develop the correct protocol for drug delivery and patient enrollment that satisfies FDA requirements. Our model mandates an extensive selection process for groundbreaking science-based targeted therapies. Therefore, it costs Mary Crowley $50,000 of unreimbursed expenses to open a new clinical trial plus an additional $10,000 for each patient enrollee.

An early phase clinical trial at Mary Crowley typically involves 8 to 40 patients. Our goal is to open 25 to 30 new clinical trials annually.  Our team works with over 170 leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies to bring new innovative therapies to patients through clinical trials.  We have 30 to 35 clinical trials open in our clinic on a monthly basis enrolling patients, and we have over 150 patients on our waiting list at any one time.

Physician and Scientific Leadership

Funding helps Mary Crowley retain highly qualified and well-respected leadership.  Our physician leadership plays a key role in innovative clinical trial development and patient care.  One of the biggest challenges in the industry of cancer research and drug development is that the current system is slow and costly. There is little to no collaboration on bringing a new drug discovery from the laboratory through manufacturing into the clinic to treat patients. This silo approach creates inefficiency.  Mary Crowley has the expertise to bridge that gap. 

Our team understands the basic science, appreciates the value of the clinical model, and has an intimate knowledge of the regulatory requirements to move a drug from the laboratory through manufacturing and into the clinic. This unique skill set is not found in many institutions.  Because of this expertise, other researchers often seek Mary Crowley for advice in protocol development for complex clinical trials. This collaboration ultimately shepherds the best discoveries through the FDA approval process to benefit patients worldwide.

Patient care is a driving force of Mary Crowley Cancer Research.  Our work would not be possible without our full team of clinical staff who provide compassionate care to patients each day.  A multi-disciplinary team surrounds each patient beginning at consultation and throughout clinical trial participation.

Capital Needs

As a patient-centric research center, it is imperative that we maintain updated facilities and use the most technologically advanced equipment. Recent capital needs have included facility expansion, new infusion chairs, new smart pumps for drug infusions, and blanket warmers for patients.