Mary Crowley Featured on My Sweet Charity Blog

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

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Mary Crowley Cancer Research is proud to have an interview with MCCR patient, Kimberly Hinshaw, featured on the blog, My Sweet Charity: An Ongoing Conversation for the Good of North Texas. In the post, Mary Crowley was listed on their MySweetWishList as a recommended nonprofit to donate to, in this the time of giving.

In the interview, Kimberly is quoted as saying, “I wanted to encourage you to contribute to Mary Crowley Cancer Research’s Benevolence Fund, which helps patients with lodging, food, transportation and other costs that may incur while receiving treatment. While I was local, many patients have to travel from out of town and need lodging conveniently near their treatment at Medical City. The Benevolence Fund helps patients cover some, if not all of these costs, making their time at Mary Crowley clinic a more pleasant and restful experience.”

Visit My Sweet Charity to check out the blog post.

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Kimberly Hinshaw Photo

Kimberly Hinshaw, MCCR Patient