Physician Collaboration

Collaboration is critical to our ability to advance new agents toward FDA approval. We invite you to become more involved in our early phase research program. Feel free to contact us directly to discuss your interest.

Refer a Patient

Thank you for entrusting us to evaluate your patient referral for a possible clinical trial. To expedite the process, please ask your staff to provide the following information to Please feel free to contact a LIVE person at 972-566-3082 for additional information. We value our partnership in caring for your patient and will provide you frequent updates.


Let’s Bring Change Together

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Collaboration is key in the fight against cancer. Oncologists are invited to join our patient research center to learn about new mechanisms and testing in agents directly from the laboratory. Opportunities for involvement in early phase research are available at Mary Crowley.

Surgeons play a vital role in our Molecular Registry, providing knowledge about genomic mutations. This helps us notify patients when a matching clinical trial becomes available and facilitates collaboration with pharmaceutical companies for new drug development. After initial cancer surgery, tumor sequencing can identify molecular signals impacting post-surgery treatments.

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Whether you want to give a spark of hope or you are looking for it, we are here to help. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us here.