Norman Jonas’ Patient Story

Two years ago, longtime Dallas resident Norman Jonas began noticing an irritation on the right side of his throat. Soon, it grew into pain and within three to four months he was having trouble swallowing. He knew something wasn’t right. “It wasn’t normal, I just knew something was wrong.”

A visit to the doctor revealed that the then 80-year-old had stage 4 esophageal cancer that had developed rapidly. “It went from me not having cancer to having cancer within a period of 4 to 5 months.” Upon hearing the news, Norman and his wife had only one question: what do we do now?

Dr. Andrew Paulson at Baylor began chemotherapy lasting 10 months. Impressed with Norman’s reaction to the aggressive treatment, he recommended Mary Crowley Cancer Research as a next step.

Since beginning treatment at Mary Crowley in July of 2018, Norman’s tumor has shrunk by 10% and is holding stable. While he does still have a hard time swallowing, which can affect his appetite, he’s noticed a much-improved quality of life over his experience with chemo. “I’m blessed that I’m doing so well now.” During the summer, Norman was happy to have the company of his wife Elizabeth, a school teacher, for many of his appointments and visits.

What is truly impressive is Norman’s unwavering positive outlook. From the time of diagnosis, his perspective has prevailed, “I have a lot of faith in god. He’s in charge. He’s going to decide which way I go and I’m good with that. I was just born with a good attitude – I don’t like negativity and I don’t let things bother me.”

With renewed HOPE for the future, Norman is looking forward to his wife’s retirement and enjoying antiquing together.

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