A Phase 1a/1b dose escalation, dose expansion study of SW-682 in participants with advanced solid tumors enriched for those with Hippo pathway mutations.

MC #24-16

Mesothelioma, Solid Tumor
Molecular Target(s)
Drug Classification(s)
Small Molecule Inhibitor

Mechanism of Action

SW-682 is a TEAD inhibitor


In this study, the sponsor and investigators want to learn:
• How much of the study drug can be given with an acceptable level of side effects
• The effects of the study drug (good and bad)
• How much of the study drug is absorbed into the blood and how fast it is removed
• If research tests can be used in the future to predict who will benefit from SW-682
• How the study drug is acting on your body

Study Design

This is a dose escalation/expansion study. The study regimen will be given in cycles. Each cycle is 28 days long. You will receive the study drug as a tablet to be taken daily by mouth. The study drug should be taken with about 1 cup of water. Do not eat any food from at least 2 hours before until at least 1 hour after taking the study drug.


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