About Mary Crowley

Mary Crowley Cancer Research is a state of the art translational research organization, located in the heart of Dallas, Texas. As a nonprofit, dedicated oncology research center for 20 years, we are equipped and staffed for conducting all oncology trials ranging from early to late phase. Our diverse team of physicians, clinicians and research professionals has extensive experience in oncology and research, along with a passion for innovative and novel options for our patients.

Mary Crowley Cancer Research is designed to expedite clinical research. Our clinical team is dedicated to patient care and ensuring proper protocol adherence, while our administrative team is focused on regulatory documentation, data entry, study development, and trial management.

Our unique research structure is known within the local and regional oncology community for:

  1. Competitive Development Timelines
  2. Rapid Patient Enrollment
  3. Timely Data Entry and Query Resolution
  4. Efficient Trial Management


Enrolled 6000+ patients onto 600+ trials
Effectively collaborated with 189 international sponsor companies


Expedited Study Start-up is approximately 10-12 weeks; all aspects are completed in parallel to eliminate delays
 Internal Institutional Review Board (IRB) meets twice per month (with a third meeting option as necessary); written approvals are released within 7-10 business days from IRB meeting date


  • Direct referrals through largest oncology group in Texas, Texas Oncology, with over 420 physicians
  • Dedicated patient recruitment/coordination team
  • Established molecular registry with over 900 patients (formalized in 2013)


  • 6/6 successful FDA audits and 67/67 successful MQA audits
  • Internal Quality Assurance mechanism


  • Clinic:
    • 10,335 square foot clinic, located on Medical City Campus, allowing access to all necessary vendors in order to conduct even the most complex trials
    • Investigational Drug Repository (pharmacy) located within infusion area, staffed by a registered pharmacist who is a board-certified in oncology with more than 11 years of experience processing investigational agents and biologics
    • 13 infusion chairs, four exam rooms, intake room and two Biosafety Level 2 compliant isolation treatment areas
    • Experienced Physician Investigators, Physician Assistants, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technicians, Nurses, Medical Assistants, Social Worker, Research Coordinators/Assistants, Recruitment Coordinators, and Tissue Acquisition Coordinators
    • Dedicated radiologists performing radiological evaluations (RECIST, irRC, WHO, etc.)
  • Administration:
    • Central Management, to ensure seamless oversight of clinical trials
    • Experienced Project Managers, Regulatory Specialists, Data Coordinators, Budget/Contract Specialists, and Marketing/Development Team
    • Nine-member, independent Board of Directors


Celebrating 20 Years